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There is something about the fall that puts an extra spring in the step for most of us. Maybe it's the cooler weather. It could be the changing colors of nature's wonderlands, or it could be the first high school football game of the year.

If that signifies the changing season to you, this weekend is your weekend.

On Friday night at about 7:30 p.m. at Homer Sharp Stadium, Eastside will be playing Alcovy for their annual meeting of the hometown folks.

Two years ago Alcovy pulled off a major upset. Local experts would tell you that is not possible this year.

Actually, we wish they could both win and go on and beat the rest of the teams on their schedule.

Football is a game of winners and losers, so that for sure won't happen. We wish our teams well this year, and we are glad that football is back. The efforts of our young men and women who make up the football programs at all three schools and the bands that play to cheer them on gives us a measure of hope and pride in these days of darkened economic stress.

Go Eagles , go Tigers, go Redskins and go Rams on to victory.