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Following through
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We greatly anticipated the opening of two new Newton County Parental Involvement Theme Schools. This type of teaching atmosphere is, in our opinion, ideal for students striving toward higher education. We applauded required uniforms (that are simple enough for students to wear outside of school). Uniforms put all students on a level playing field so that materialistic teasing is squelched, and uniforms take unnecessary distractions out of the classroom.

Our favorite tenet of the new schools was that parents had to sign a letter of commitment for volunteer service for the school as well as a promise to abide other stated rules in order for their child to be accepted.

Parental involvement is imperative in the success of any school.

Every child attending this school today has parents or grandparents who signed that commitment letter.

It is our understanding that a great deal of parents are not keeping their end of the bargain as outlined in the theme school contract.

If you knew you could not follow through on your commitment, then why would you sign this agreement?

This bold-faced distortion of your honor is seen not only by your child as a betrayal, but also by the community members who pay taxes for the schools to operate.

We feel sorry for the children, but if parents does not maintain their end of the contract then those children should be sent to their home schools immediately. This move will show that the school system means business in supporting parents who research the contract and arrange their schedules in order to follow through on their signed commitments.