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Fighting litter
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This fall, as you travel around our beautiful part of the state enjoying the rolling pastures and the changing of seasons, one of the reasons you can take in the beauty that nature has brought us is because of the efforts of the Keep Covington/Newton Beautiful.
This group, along with the help of many volunteers, works with clubs and county and state agencies to insure that the litter deposited daily by uncaring people on our roadways is kept under control.
The group will be holding their third fundraiser on Friday, Nov. 14.
This year's fundraiser, the Green Getaway, will be held at Charlie Elliott Wildlife Center and will feature a dinner, auction and music. Call (770) 784-2015 for more information and to order your tickets. The Covington News/ is a proud sponsor of this event.
Keep Covington/Newton Beautiful sponsors one program that we would like to bring to your attention.
If you have ever driven down the road and seen some uncaring oaf throw trash out a car window and you wished you can do something about it, don't fret - you can
You can keep a pre-printed card in your car. If you see someone throwing trash, you can write the license number down, mail the card to the Sheriff's Department and that litter bug will get a "friendly" letter from the Sheriff's Department pointing out the error of his way. You can pick up one of these cards at our office located at 1166 Usher Street in Covington or go by 1124 Clark Street to the KCNB office.
We all need to pitch in to keep our area beautiful and trash free.