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Fall for Newton County
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Newton County is blessed with natural beauty.

With the hint of fall in the air, may we suggest that over the next few weekends you load up the family, pack a lunch and drive throughout the county?

If you do, you will see lush green pastures, and trees with leaves that are beginning to turn and, like a brilliantly painted canvas, glisten with golds and deep reds.

Your children will see cows and horses and a deer or two.

You will find that we have quaint little communities such as Mansfield and Newborn, where beautiful old homes speak volumes about the county’s rich history.

You might consider stopping at some of the old family cemeteries; the inscriptions on some of the tombstones are beautiful.

If you drive through Oxford, you can stop and walk on a beautiful trail. Porterdale would be a great place to enjoy your picnic lunch as you watch the Yellow River flow by.

There is no question that we are fortunate to live in a diverse and enchanting county. We believe that if you take the time to explore it, you will feel the same.