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On the November ballot, there was a non-binding question for the voters of Georgia. It was simple; it asked if the voters wanted the legislature to vote a cap on gifts received in the performance of their duties.

Eighty-four percent of the voters said yes they wanted a cap on the freebies our elected officials receive.

The senate, on Monday, ever mindful of the folks who have sent them to the gold dome to represent them voted 42-12 to impose a $100 cap on themselves.

At first blush, this seemed like finally we have an elected body that actually respects the wishes of the electorate.

Unfortunately, the bill is filled with so many loopholes and contains no real punishments for violations that not only is it a travesty, it is an outright joke on the voters of Georgia.

Some folks would say that this was a good start; we say baloney. The majority of the senators who voted for this joke of a bill, if they had any courage or fortitude at all, should have produced and voted for a bill that put restrictions on themselves that contained no loopholes and was truly enforceable.

This type of action gives us little hope that this group is capable of passing anything that will be meaningful or helpful to the voters of Georgia.