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Election 2012
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One of the purest forms of free expression allowed by the U.S. Constitution is the right to vote.

Pundits tell us that the 2012 election is the most important election we've ever had as a nation. We think that might be a hyperbole, unheard of in politics we know, but the stakes are certainly high.

However, there's a chance for even more change locally as several positions are up for election this year, including seats on the school board and Board of Commissioners, as well as sheriff, superior court judges and other constitutional officers (clerk of courts, tax commissioner, probate judge).

You, as voters, have the chance to change the direction of the county or to re-elect officials whom you think have done an admirable job.

The Board of Commissioners is one of the county's most influential groups and four of the seats are up for election this year, including the recently-altered position of county chairman.

Incumbent Kathy Morgan has not decided whether to run for re-election, in part because the board diminished the position's power and gave more authority to the newly-formed county commissioner position.

The board's lone republicans, Mort Ewing and Tim Fleming, spearheaded the switch and both have announced they're not running for re-election.

Some people agreed with the switch and some did not. Many people agreed the county needed a county manager but were upset voters weren't given the final say.

Whatever your view, now is the time for you to ask current candidates for their take on the issue and choose the one who will lead the county in the direction you think most appropriate.

Here is your golden opportunity as a voter to ensure that the people in power are willing and able to put our county in a position to grow and attract the right businesses, igniting the upward spiral to a more stable tax base and a higher quality of life.