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Drugs and cars
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Clarification: Police Chief Stacey Cotton clarified that much of the seized drug funds come from Metro Atlatna, not Covington.

"Most of that money comes from our alliance with the DEA task force and the investigation of drug cases around metro Atlanta. Almost all of that money came from drug investigations outside of Newton County, which I think is even better that other drug dealers are off setting citizen's tax money and is not a reflection of our community," Cotton said in an email. "Seizures from locals is very small in comparison."

The Covington Police Department is purchasing nine, new, state-of-the-art police vehicles.

At first glance, you might wonder how much those new Dodge Chargers will cost the taxpayers.

Well, the answer is not a thing.

Police Chief Stacy Cotton said the cars will be purchase using forfeited drug money. That's a great, and poetic, use of thieves' ill-gotten funds.

It's also encouraging that the amount of money seized locally is very small, as Cotton said the majority of the money comes from the Atlanta area through Covington's parnterhsip with the Drug Enforcement Agency task force.

We commend our local and state police forces for taking these crooks off the streets, and doing so quietly in most cases. Thanks to these criminals, our already well-trained force got a little extra boost.