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For as long as we can remember, people have talked about having a first-class restaurant with a friendly, after-hours bar come to the square.

Soon, that is to be a reality.

Thanks to the vision of Ronnie and Kelley Johnston and Angi and John Beszborn, the Covington square should come alive at night as the Mystic Grill, of "Vampire Diaries" fame, will come to life as a fine-dining bar and grill.

We know a good deal of folks spend a lot of money in Rockdale and Madison and Atlanta, especially on weekends, enjoying a good meal and an evening with friends.

There is no reason why those folks shouldn’t stay home and spend their money if the right places are available.

We congratulate the Johnstons and the Beszborns for their courage and vision in opening the Mystic Grill.

We hope they are successful and that their success brings other entrepreneurs to our square. Maybe soon the Covington square will be a lively starting point that produces more tax revenue and helps other business on the square prosper and grow.