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Don't you forget it
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We give full credit to County Commissioner J.C Henderson for his efforts in having the Nelson Heights Community Center built.

He should be pleased with his efforts to help his district, but he is not.

The BOC has come up with a good plan to let the county's recreation department run the facility. The rec department has the expertise to operate this facility and will do so without personal political meddling.

In the last two weeks, Henderson embarrassed himself by asking to change his vote on his decision to allow the recreation department to run this operation. Since that went nowhere, he now wants to form another committee so that there can be two groups making decisions about the operations of one center.

Mr. Henderson if you are so intent and insecure of your accomplishments that you can't let go in your attempt to personally control the operations of this center, may we suggest you have your supporters hang a big plaque with your picture on it in the front of the center. It could say, "Here is a great man who was not only glad to spend other people's money in the form of taxes to build this center, but would like to make sure that nobody forgets it."