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Doing what's right
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In Wednesday's paper, and now posted on, we ran a warm story that showcased the generosity and kindness of two of our neighbors that epitomize the Covington/Newton county community.

Covington has historically been a popular filming location for both TV shows and movies. From small screen hits "The Dukes of Hazzard" and "In the Heat of the Night" to big screen favorite "Remember the Titans," the entertainment industry has turned our town into a pop culture attraction. During this past year in particular, the industry has provided a major shot in the arm to our local economy thanks to the wildly-popular CW hit "The Vampire Diaries." On Christmas Eve, one of the by-products of the Hollywood boom showed up in town to tour the sites where "The Vampire Diaries" are filmed. The problem was, things didn't go as planned.

Gala Borino a native of Luzzane, Italy found herself sitting on a lonely bench on the square downtown. She had neither transportation nor a place to go. She knew little English to boot and it was Christmas Eve no less.

A local couple, Lamar and Kimberly Brown, saw this young lady looking scared and alone sitting on that bench. They didn't just make note of it and head home. Instead they took the time to stop and talk to her. The Browns found out she knew little or no English and they spoke no Italian. Thankfully quick thinking and technology provided the Browns with a translation app for their iPhone so they could communicate with Ms. Borino.

What happened next is the stuff that should be on the front page of every Chamber of Commerce or Main Street publication or communication because the kindness the Browns showed cannot be purchased anywhere.

The Browns took Ms. Borino in and made her a member of their family. For the next week they took her to places both locally and across the state that she had only dreamed of. They helped her realize her dream vacation.
The Browns are without question Hometown Heroes. Their generosity and love is an example of what our community is and can continue to be.

Thank you Lamar and Kimberly, for the great Christmas present not only for Gala Borino but for all of us.