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While we praise the school system for the career academy, we must also express disappointment in the recent behavior of the school board in discussing an upcoming education SPLOST vote.

Chairman Eddie Johnson called for a vote to approve a resolution calling for a SPLOST referendum at a work session, and the discussion spiraled down after that.

We won't rehash the back and forth here, but this board needs to work on developing a unified voice as the leaders of the school system.

Families will continue to avoid this school system if they sense it's not making progress in its efforts to become a top system again.

Under the leadership of Superintendent Gary Mathews, we have begun slowly to move the needle in a positive direction, in spite of the craziness that has occurred over the past several months. But it's clear this board needs to continue to work to mend fences and move forward.
The school system needs the education SPLOST to pass, especially given the hemorrhaging of property tax dollars its budget has done over the last several years.

For any voters curious about the issues, discussion and a vote on this special project sales tax is scheduled for the Nov. 27 board meeting.

If the board presents the matter in the right way, we believe they'll be able to convince the voters of the need for the continuation of this dedicated tax