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Daring rescue
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The Alcovy River, especially with all the rain we have had lately, is an alluring attraction. But hidden by that beauty is a dangerous flow of water that has caused the death of one young soul recently and could easily have claimed three more lives last weekend.

Three unidentified people who were attempting to tube down the river through dangerous whitewater rapids found themselves stranded in the middle of the swirling Alcovy, clinging perilously to some rocks.

A fourth member of their party went to seek help and fortunately ran into kayakers Josh Lowery, Justin Hodges, Moana Hassan and Lee Court. All four didn’t hesitate to put themselves in danger. They pulled off a major rescue.

We are fortunate that we have such people in our community.

Though it might sometimes seem like the folks in our community who get all the headlines are the ones who break or skirt the law, it’s comforting to know that people like Lowery, Hodges, Hassan and Court represent the majority.

They truly are Hometown Heroes.