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Crying wolf
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Every day we are reminded that there are sick people among us. Tuesday, someone with either malicious intent or some type of sick humor in mind, called in a bomb threat to Rocky Plains Elementary school. In bygone days the big thrill for some students was pulling fire alarms, which of course caused an immediate evacuation of schools threatened. Usually these pranks were done during testing periods. Calling in a bomb threat, especially during these tense times, is not a prank. It is against the law. In addition, whoever called in the false bomb threat caused a period of anxiety and fear not only in students, but parents and the community alike.

We have seen and heard comments on Facebook and in the community that some parents are outraged because school officials did not contact them instantly. We certainly can respect the fact that parents would be alarmed, but we feel that, in this case, school officials moved with speed and expediency in protecting the children who attend Rocky Plains. Within minutes of receiving the threat, 911 was called, all children and teachers were evacuated to safety and The News was notified as a emergency partner of the school system. We immediately posted on our website what had happened. After school officials made sure that all personnel were safe, they notified parents.

We congratulate school officials and our law enforcement officials for their quick action. We are glad to be a part of the school's warning system. It's our job is to post news as fast as we can and that certainly helps.

Finally, we hope that our local law enforcement agencies can locate and catch the sick person or persons who caused this unnecessary fear in our community. There's just no room for this type of nonsense.