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Cowards, not leaders
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We wonder what has happened to our society, and why we apparently cannot produce men or women to serve and lead us like the people who founded our country.

They were men of wealth for the most part, and did not have to get involved, but they did, and faced death every day they spent on creating our great nation.

Now, we are led by a clatch of cowards. Instead of facing issues head-on, like dealing with greedy unions in Wisconsin, they choose to run and hide.

In our own state we have a Republican caucus that apparently does not think that the people of Georgia are wise enough to make a decision themselves whether alcohol can be sold on Sunday.

This group met and voted in secret this past week not to give their constituents the sacred right to govern themselves. They did this in spite of the fact they themselves have 24/7 free access to booze rooms set up by lobbyists.

Because of these cowardly actions by our Republican state senators, we have no way of knowing whether our own Senator Rick Jeffares voted yes or no on this issue.
The issue as far as we are concerned is not whether you would be allowed to buy alcohol on Sunday: The issue is whether you personally have the right to make that decision or not.

We need accountability out of our elected officials. Taking secret votes for sure is not the way to have it.