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Earlier this week, investigators from the Covington/Newton County Special Investigation Unit arrested two men for allegedly stealing copper from the city of Covington. Bravo.

The police arrested Douglas Shane Carlile and James Lloyd Stephens for this alleged crime.

We are glad the city caught these two people; there so many accounts of people like them who are preying on private and public property and stealing everything that is not nailed down that are not getting caught that it does the heart good to see some that have been arrested.

For those of us that can remember the days that you could leave your house unlocked and expect to return with everything intact, it is unbelievable to know that there are nothing less than completely unscrupulous people who would rather steal from innocent, hard working people than to put that energy into doing something productive for society.

We only wish that if both of these people get found guilty that whoever their judge is that the maximum penalty be given to each of them.