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Almost every political leader and business leader we talk to is bemoaning the fact that Newton County is deep in the throes of an economic tsunami, the likes of which we've never seen.

On Sunday, we ran a story about the Covington-Newton County Chamber of Commerce's recruitment efforts. You can see it here

As much as the chamber folks tried to be positive about recent growth, the truth is that attracting Dollar Generals and Waffle Houses just doesn't help all that much in terms of boosting our tax base as would a major manufacturer or large retail outlet.

Also, we need businesses interested in having a partnership and involvement in our community.

Still, there was a positive report on the future of the entertainment industry and the dollar value it brings to the county.

We applaud the chamber for trying its best to keep a positive outlook on our future.

Also last week there was a story that the county voted down without much of a good reason purchasing the abandoned railroad property that is now available.

We accept the fact that the price the railroad is asking is way too high, but this could be and should be negotiated in our favor.

This idea was flat rejected by Commissioner Mort Ewing, the pseudo leader of the county and his gang.

This is the same group of elected officials that refused to allow a measure to be put on the ballot during the last election cycle that would have given the people of Newton County the right to vote for liquor by the drink.

If the voters had had this opportunity and approved the measure, we might now be the home of some major, tax-producing and job-producing restaurants.

To attract major industry and entertainment to our county, we need elected officials who recognize that industry or development is not going to come to a county that turns its back on the creation of reasonable and sensible recreation activities and does not offer its citizens the freedoms to vote to create their own positive change.