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Commercial Improvement District could be a good thing
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In last Sunday’s paper we carried a story on the front page that explained in great deal the pros and cons of creating a Commercial Improvement District (CID) for the Highway 278 corridor in Covington.

When we first heard of this concept we were skeptical. But, after reading the story it makes sense to us that the folks who will benefit the most from major improvements should be the ones to bear the responsibility to pay for those improvements and to control their own destiny.

Because of the economic downturn we have been in since 2008, there has not been any money to improve areas like the 278 corridor.

A CID concept allows a group that has a major interest in that corridor to raise money and to seek grants to help themselves improve their businesses and attract other business to their area.

This is an idea that can work. Might it cause an initial hardship, yes of course.

But, we believe in the long run that initial investment will be returned, plus more.

We encourage the official formation of such a group to help manage the affairs and future growth of the 278 corridor.