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Career academy
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Last week General Manager T. Pat Cavanaugh joined a group of local industry leaders on a tour of the Newton College and Career Academy, a newly opened educational facility that leaders hope will be the shining jewel of the school system.

He, like others who have seen the building's facilities, came back encouraged about he future of education in the county as he met with many bright and motivated students and reviewed plans for work-ready training courses that can be adapted to fit the needs of any major business already here or one that chooses to locate in Newton County in the future.

He was also deeply impressed by the enthusiasm of the administration and faculty. The Covington News has already seen the work of the students put to practical use as the broadcast video team helped The News film and edit in-depth video interviews with sheriff and county chairman candidates.

With more exposure and opportunity to partner with real world businesses, we expect the career academy to become a major force of change in Newton County.