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This week the students in our local grade schools and middle schools are taking the CRCT test; students in grade 3-5 and 8 will have to pass the test to pass on to the next grade.

It’s a shame that a test like this even has to be given. It was ordered by state officials at the prodding of federal officials because the failure of our education system nationwide to prepare our children properly for the future.

In at least one local school, Cousins Middle School, the school administrator has provided cash prizes and bikes to entice his students to attend class this week.

We appreciate the efforts of the principal in trying to do this, but our main question is where are the parents?

It should be the top priority of every parent to make every effort to see that his or her child receives the best education available and that includes insuring that the child is in school.

It’s a sad fact that some of these same parents who show little or no concern for their children’s school attendance are the same ones who scream the loudest when school entitlements are being cut.