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Recently there seems to be an upswing in local folks being scammed, either in traditional ways or now in even more devious ways.

When economic times are not right, legions of worthless scum come out of the dark cracks in society and conspire to take advantage of the needs or good will of decent human beings.

The age of the Internet has made their jobs much easier.

Please, take this as a warning: If you have elderly relatives who are more trusting than most, talk with them about the fact that nothing in life is free. Everything that is good comes with some type of price.

If you or a relative receives a note on the Internet that promises you riches in exchange for sending cash to some foreign country, it is a scam.

If you are offered a medical cure for a small donation, it’s a scam.

If someone offers to take property off your hands at a ridiculous price, it is a scam.

If one of your friends, someone you know doesn’t travel, is mysteriously caught overseas with no money, it is a scam.

If someone wants to give you free pedigreed animals for only a small donation to cover shipping them to you, it is a scam.

If someone wants to take a time share off your hands, it probably is a scam.

Each of you needs to stay alert and especially be alert with your elderly relatives, because scammers, in a few short hours, can take everything from them.

If you think you are being scammed, you probably are.

We suggest you contact your local law enforcement officials; more than likely, they are trying to track the scammers themselves.

Be safe, and above all be smart.