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Be cautious of scammers
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It's time for another warning about scams.

After the news of every one, we think we have seen it all - apparently not yet. In our Wednesday edition it was reported that a man going by the name of Byron Napier actually rented an empty house that was not his to an unsuspecting couple.

The real owner stopped by the house and informed the couple that they had been scammed. As a result, the couple lost their deposit, the first month's rent, a new home and their pride. The police are still looking for Napier - if that's his real name.
If you have ideas on how to find him, contact the NCSO at (678) 625-1400.

It seems like in the roughest of times the scum of the earth come out of the sewer to take advantage of people who are desperately trying to survive
You can protect yourself from scams by being cautious.

Do not send bank or credit card information to anyone that you personally don't know. Don't respond to ads that promise to get you out of debt or that will help you lower your mortgage - they won't. Don't donate to any charity that calls you on the phone or knocks on your door soliciting funds unless they have multiple modes of identifications; this includes the multitude of school children who will be knocking on your door as scammers love to use young people in their evil deeds. Make sure children have a form that states the name of their school as well as the fundraising company. If people stop by your house and offer to do work that you know sounds too inexpensive to be true, call the police immediately.

You can help yourself; if you are suspicious of anybody or any proposals, call the police. Your actions may not only help you, but also your neighbors.