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Last week, Dr. Gary Mathews, superintendent of schools for Newton County, reopened the search for a new principal for Alcovy High School.

Initially 13 applicants applied for this position.

We agree with Dr. Mathew’s decision to keep searching if none of the applicants were the right fit for the troubled high school.

Alcovy opened with great expectations, but almost from the first day it opened it has been a hotbed of controversy.
Quite frankly it’s time for that image to change.

In order for that to happen, there needs to be a dedicated effort by the BOE, the superintendent’s office, the new principal and the students and parents to insure Alcovy High begins to excel as a place of learning and also becomes a place of community pride.

The backbiting and the anonymous innuendos need to stop.

There is a person out there who has the passion and the ability to be the leader Alcovy needs. If it takes extended time to find that person, so be it.

The students of Alcovy High School deserve nothing less than compassionate, professional leadership from the adults who are tasked to run their school.