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A worthy dream
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Last Sunday, we ran a story about a dream revived, as one of the county's oldest farming families prepares to dive back into the world of dairy farming.

Brad Marks wants his grandchildren, great-grandchildren and all generations to come to continue to work the family farm, which has been owned by the Marks for 180 years.

He wants them to know what it's like to care for a calf, to raise it to maturity and to heal it when it gets sick. He wants his grandchildren to remember their family's roots and to know their ancestors would be proud to see them plowing the same path.

The vision is simple, but the execution will be more complex.

The Marks were dairy farmers up until 1994 when the costs of running their large dairy operation outweighed the benefits.

Now, the family is willing to give it another try, though on a much smaller scale in a niche market. The hormone-free, buy-local phenomenon could bring dairies back to Newton.

There is no question that Newton County is beautiful and attractive in part because of its rich agricultural heritage.

We support the Marks family's dream to keep agriculture and their family's history alive.