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A special day
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The Covington News has been serving Newton County for 146 years. It is one of the oldest businesses still in operation in the county.

Today, the paper is being honored by proclamation of Mayor Kim Carter as Covington News Day.

We are honored and humbled by this recognition.

The mayor has also honored our owner, Charles Hill Morris, Sr., for his 25 years of stewardship of the Covington News Company.

Mr. Morris purchased the paper in 1986. Since that time, he has allowed the paper to be run autonomously. He has stood tall during our good times and bad times over the past 25 years.

Today, The Covington News staff is proud to honor our owner.

Mr. Morris is a gentleman whose belief in honesty first has served him and this company well.

Today, he oversees 77 media outlets, including newspapers, magazines and television station across the country and the Virgin Islands.

Mr. Morris operates each of his companies the same. Each is required to have leadership that has integrity and aggressiveness of purpose. They should have a great staff and a willingness to see the future as a challenge for success, not a recipe for disaster.

We are proud to be honored by our mayor and we are equally proud to honor our leader, Charles Hill Morris Sr., for his 25 years of stewardship of The Covington News and for his 50 year plus service to the newspaper industry.