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A positive should precede a negative
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As a society, now more than ever, it seems, we dwell on the negative.

If something disagreeable to anyone is said, we post, tweet and hashtag it.

If a drop of hot coffee is spilled, we’ll seemingly sue first and clean up the mess later.

It’s a “how dare you do this to me; you’ll get what you deserve” attitude.

Some of the parents whose children attended the Starbound Dance Studio and have had their hard-earned money stolen by its owner have gotten fired up about it.

Sure there was anger, vengeance on their minds and criminal charges filed.

But it’s the parents who have acted quickly to ensure their children and other dance students can continue to do what they love who have shined in doing the right thing. Tom and Gina Johnson and Antonio and Meagan Reid have moved the focus back to the kids by teaming up with Rhythm Elements Dance Studio to reopen Starbound’s doors once again.

Sure, there was wrong done to them. But their children aren’t old enough to really know that yet. But they will know that they can once again go to class and do what they enjoy — dance.

The Johnsons and Reids may still be looking to get reparations from the studio’s former owner Valerie Odom, but at least they took care of their children first.

Before the negative came the positive.

We applaud the fact that there are parents who act first in the right direction, and who put the people who can’t yet fight back first — their children. They also show an example to their children — and others — that the actions you take when you are wronged are those that determine your character.