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A landmark survives
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The Blue Willow Inn restaurant located in Social Circle is more than a fine place to eat. It’s even more than an institution. It’s the heart of a city and it’s a tourist destination that has attracted visitors from around the world.

After suffering from the economic downturn, the Blue Willow Inn began to teeter into oblivion because of bank debts by some ill-timed investments by the late owner Louis Van Dyke.

Rumors began to circulate throughout the state that the famed Blue Willow Inn was closed. Tour buses stopped arriving and some local patrons shrugged their shoulders and accepted the thought that the historical icon was gone forever.

We are glad to tell you all the rumors turned out to be false. Because of the courageous efforts of Louis Van Dyke’s widow Billie and her staff, the Blue Willow Inn seems to have weathered the foreclosure storm, and because of the good business sense of local businessman Donald Poss, it appears the beloved landmark will live on.

The plans, as reported in this newspaper over the past week and still available for reading online at, call for the sale of the inn itself and have the buildings behind the historic mansion turned into shops for antique dealers. More importantly though, the Van Dyke family will continue to own and operate the restaurant, albeit as a tenant.

It’s commendable when courage and determination prevail and because of the Van Dykes, their staff and close friends; the Blue Willow Inn should live to serve another generation of Georgians and visitors from around the world.