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A lack of leadership
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We've long contended that President Obama lacks in leadership, but it seems that he's also become insensitive of late.

In three years, he has led us through a sharp rise in the national debt, pushed through a socialized medicine program that pleases only lawyers and bureaucrats and has used his power and our tax money to sue a state in order to force it to continue to allow illegal immigrants to run rampant on our soil.

This week in the debate over the debt ceiling, he showed his insensitive side.

Neither side has exactly distinguished itself in this debate, but President Obama stooped to a new low when he apparently threatened every military family and every person who survives on a Social Security check. Our president implied that if he doesn't have his political way, those folks just might not get their August checks.
That's the worst form of politics. There is absolutely no truth to that veiled threat.

If, in fact, the future of our country was at stake, President Obama could protect those benefits and instead cut elsewhere, such as the billions paid in foreign aid, the billions paid for worthless entitlement programs, or the millions sent to United Nation programs.

Our countrymen should be the last to suffer for the lack of leadership he has provided.

This is a man who enjoys to the fullest the trappings of power he now holds.

There was another president who proved himself to be unable to lead in turbulent times, but found an honorable way out.

After showing much promise in the 1960s, President Johnson unfortunately proved to the American people that he lacked the judgment to run a war.

The American people stood up and voiced their opposition and then members of Johnson's own party stood up and said they too had had enough. Johnson at least had the courage and respect for his country to step aside and not run for a second term.

We need a change in leadership in this country and we pray that our country survives the 16 months needed to make that change.