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A bright idea
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There is no question that the more visitors we have to our town square, the better off we all are.

The Main Street board, thanks to the persistence of board member Susan Kirk, agreed this past week to spend more funds to make the square into a lighted winter wonderland around the holiday season.

Mayor Ronnie Johnston soon signed on to the Main Street plan and got City Council to match the Main Street funds.

We believe this is a wise expenditure of hotel/motel tax revenue.

The newly lighted square will certainly attract more traffic around the critical holiday season, and more traffic will mean more revenue for local businesses. That also will mean more tax revenue that can be used on other initiatives in the future.

We understand that some people might be inconvenienced by the brighter lights.

We hope that those folks will understand that their inconvenience will last for only a little while, but benefits of having more business downtown will last for a long time.