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For years we have heard Covington residents complain about their high utility bills.

Most of the complaints about paying high utility rates can be lumped into perennial complaints of life - like taxes are too high, the mail is always late and traffic is horrible.

Now, because of the stagnant economy, the complaints are real; people are struggling to pay their bills in order to be able to enjoy the basics of life.

During the last couple city council meetings, a group of people has come before the council to complain about the city's high utility rates. They have been met with frustration and downright rudeness by the mayor. This was and is not necessary.

Any person who pays taxes who has a concern about city services should be treated with the utmost respect by our elected officials as long as the complainant shows the same respect to the elected officials.

Last Monday city resident Rosie Crawford acted as a spokesperson for the group of unhappy taxpayers. Her points of concern were very clear, although we respectfully disagree with her solution suggesting that taxes be raised to help cover costs of those who are having a hard time paying their utility bills. However, we do believe she needs answers to her questions.

That's why we endorse City Manager Steve Horton's suggestion that a committee be formed to address the utility issue.

We hope this is done quickly and that the committee contains a large number of community leaders as well as average citizens.

Also, we encourage the city council to listen and act upon the practical recommendations of this committee.