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Your Thoughts are a joke
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After reading your thoughts from the Sunday edition on Nov. 14, I almost laughed myself into a coma. Apparently, the staff at the Covington News is either trying to get its own late night talk show or a special commentary spot on Fox News. In your article, you spoke so graciously of George Bush’s candor. Well… let’s look at the meaning of candor. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines candor as being honest or sincere expression. George W. Bush has proven to be neither.

During his failed presidency, Bush shifted America from being a peace-promoting, defense-oriented protector to an arrogant, insular, pre-emptive attacker that is widely loathed and mistrusted. Why? Because Bush and Company lied to the American people by misrepresenting intelligence data. These lies sent our brave men and women into a trillion dollar Iraq war that wasted over four-thousand lives.

God has blessed America to be a powerful but humble nation. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once said, "All the world knows that America is a great military power. We need not be diligent in seeking to prove it. We must now show the world our moral power." This I believe is America’s true challenge.

As the former president makes his rounds promoting his book, I’m sure he will continue to say, like everything else, how he was "blindsided" by the downward spiral of the economy. What he means to say is how he paid more attention to lining the pockets of his corporate cronies, giving tax breaks to the wealthy while totally forgetting about the average American citizen.

Even with our disagreements, I applaud The Covington News on one article you published a couple of months ago. You expressed your openness to publishing different opinions and views, because after all we are all Covington citizens. Well said. However, I am of the opinion that George Bush’s book should be placed in the crime section of every library because…that’s where it belongs.