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Willis: Dowdy campaign
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Dear Editor: The letter from Tyler Collum that was published in Wednesday's Covington News is confusing. I don't know Mr. Collum or his connection to the Dowdy campaign, but I do know Dan Walden and know him to be a man who loves his community. I met Mr. Walden through his work at First Presbyterian Church and worked with him on the Board of Directors of the Main Street organization.

The Dowdy campaign ad that has run in three issues of The News is - as Mr. Walden wrote in his earlier letter to the editor - "the worst kind of political gamesmanship." I don't know who could construe that as "a hurtful response."

Mr. Walden is invested deeply in this community and cares about the direction of its leadership. Calling out the Dowdy campaign for an inaccurate and offensive ad is within his rights as a citizen. Having someone from outside of this community write a letter to the editor insinuating that the First Presbyterian Church might not be welcoming to newcomers is off-topic at best, and defaming at worst.

This is a small community in which we will have to live together after the election. Let's stick with the issues so that we can elect the very best leaders for Newton County.

Scott Willis