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Why isn't Newton Medical a trauma center?
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Dear Sirs: I read with interest the editorial on Sunday, March 20, stating that my health care has never been in better hands than it now is in Newton County.

Newton Medical Center has received some well-deserved honors for being a top-tier healthcare provider. With the passage of SPLOST the Emergency Room will be expanded. This is all good.

In light of these facts, Newton Medical Center is not considered a Trauma Center. If you are involved in a vehicle accident or have a bad fall, the ambulance responding will most likely transport you to Walton Regional or Athens Regional hospitals. Walton Regional and Athens Regional have been designated as Level III Trauma Centers. If you are more critical, you may be transported to a Level I Trauma Center such as Grady Memorial or a Level II Trauma Center such as Atlanta Medical or Gwinnett Medical Center in Lawrenceville.

I feel Newton Medical Center is bigger and better equipped and has a larger staff of well-qualified physicians than Walton Regional in Monroe.

Why is Newton Medical Center not even designated as a Level III Trauma Center?

I have read that hospitals lose money on trauma care because staffing and equipment are expensive, while many patients are uninsured. What about the trauma patients that are insured and live in Covington and are being taken to Walton Regional and Athens Regional hospitals, bypassing Newton Medical Center even though it is the closest hospital?

Is my healthcare in better hands if I am not taken to my local and closest hospital?

Carolyn Phillips