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What's the story with the paper?
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To the editor: Coincident with the amazing shrinking physical size of the Covington News (now about the size of the Rampage School Newspaper at Newton County High School when I was there) I have noticed that Nat Harwell's weekly column has been shelved. Frankly, his articles were the reason I had returned to reading The Covington News after many years away from Covington.

My Dad would often send me articles of Nat's that he enjoyed and which he agreed completely with. In his place, The News now carries the pedantic gallimaufries of why the grass is green and the sky blue by Ms. Barbara Morgan. As no one is allowed to forget, Ms. Morgan was the erstwhile press secretary for Gov. Joe Frank Harris and financial donor to the Democratic Party. I guess this would seem to give some weight to her opinions and life's traumas and more credibility as to "fair and balanced" for your newspaper. Perhaps!

I don't know why Mr. Harwell was dropped as a columnist, but for one I miss his insight into life in general, and occasional pen thrashing of a man so unworthy to be this nation's leader as I could not begin to extol with a thousand pens or tongues. But Mr. Harwell could enlighten The News' readers as to the true nature of this perfidious and demiurgical president so very well. This could have caused many of your Barack Obama worshipers some serious heartburn. Too bad!

Could Mr. Harwell's release have been connected to this and a shift in political ideologies of the paper? The recent harrumphing by The News of Newt Gingrich's visit to Covington lends some credence that the paper is now in the sonorous column of drum beaters for the most unqualified and unaccomplished man to ever hold the office of the presidency. Mr. Harwell's pink slip could not possibly have been his not being able to write. Make no mistake; Mr. Harwell was an asset to your newspaper and his release is a reason to seek other recourse in finding out the news in my hometown. Regardless, I do hope the editors hold tight rein on any direct or indirect journalistic excursions by the new columnist to give aid and comfort to this truly mystical medicine man we have endured for over three years and who is now seeking four more to put this once grand old nation away for good.

- Felton Hudson
Stone Mountain, Ga.

Ms. Morgan's opinions do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The News and its editorial board. Ms. Morgan's columns are not intended to be balanced as they are editorials and do not need to adhere to the fundamentals of news writing in a traditional sense.