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Waiting to vote
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Dear Editor: In your "Our Thoughts" column last Wednesday, you encouraged voters to wait until after the presidential debates before casting our ballots. I thought this was good advice.

The more information we have upon which to base our decisions, the better our decisions should be. And like many others, I look to The Covington News as a source of informative news and opinions to help me formulate my decisions.

Unfortunately, the opinion columns in the Sunday paper missed this opportunity. Eugene Robinson went off about a new conspiracy theory, Ann Coulter used her entire column to bash a TV commentator, and Jackie Cushman presented an unsubstantiated diatribe that began with "The Obama administration's policies are bad."

If I wanted to watch passively others bash people with opposing opinions, I could watch them on Fox News and MSNBC. I try to use the information that is available to me to make my own decisions on issues that matter to me. And while I may not always agree with everyone's opinion, I appreciate that opposing opinions can be thought provoking as long as they provide something to think about.

In this regard, as my hometown newspaper, I request that you solicit more information-based opinions from syndicated columnists to help me make better decisions. For example, Thomas Friedman seems to have a lot to say, and he usually bases his opinions on verifiable information.