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Dear Editor: I am appalled at what I am hearing tonight on ABC News about the Muslim young man who attempted to blow up a Northwest Airlines plane. He bought his ticket on December 16, paying over $3,000 in cash for his ticket - red flag number one. He boarded the international flight with no luggage -red flag number two. This after his father turned him in as a militant Muslim - red flag number three. Our federal government is dysfunctional. This is not a Democrat or Republican has nothing to do with who is in the White House or which party is in power holding the majority in the House or Senate. It has to do with the policies of U.S. Government employment. When was the last time a government employee was fired for failure to perform? When was the last time a department head was canned because his or her staff did not do their job? Are there performance standards in the government? Are people held accountable? We are paying their salaries and providing them with benefits that are rare in the private sector. It is time you and I expressed our disgust...our disappointment... no...too mild...our anger! It is unacceptable that governmental employees and their supervisors are not held accountable. Now, let me cool off a minute and in a more somber mode suggest that relatives...your friends...your neighbors...tell, by whatever means, your elected officials that it is now up to them to act. To insist on standards of insist on reviews by superiors and expose and remove the incompetent governmental employees at all levels of the government...local, state and federal!

By the way, the Israelis, have had no incident on board their airline in 30 years. As to profiling...they do. Their attitude...not all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslims.