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To our senators
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Dear Editor: It is with grave concern that I write this letter. It’s wonderful that Bank of America (BofA) has agreed to settle the 11-states lawsuits against its new subsidiary, the infamous Countrywide Mortgage Company. I am hugely disappointed — but not surprised — that the great state of Georgia did not see fit to join the initial lawsuit. After all, it was the same great state of Georgia that voted to kill reforms to predatory lending practices in 2003. Can we all spell C-O-U-N-T-R-Y-W-I-D-E here?

 We can say that was in the past but, today, who can forget that past? We’re still living it, painfully.

 As our US senators, I ask that you bring all your interest to bear to influence the other lame duck, Gov. Sonny Purdue, to call a special session of the legislature to have Georgia’s state representatives immediately vote to join the historic lawsuit. Perhaps, Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle (who holds future political aspirations) is a better point-person to lead this effort.

 What did the governors and state banking departments in those 11 states see that Georgia’s governor and banking department miss? I can only see cronyism and the fact that Georgia’s legislature is the bailiwick of so many banking officials as possible reasons. Perhaps, in your wisdom, you can state reasons that disabuse me of this view.

 I have attached a copy of the news report of BofA’s settlement. It is high time that Georgia’s elected state officials step up to bat for their constituents. For those who were/are against the federal "bailout," I am sure they can see the market working in the instance of BofA’s settlement. Surely, there can be no other than the above reasons why our legislators will not act to come immediately to the aid of all Georgia’s mortgage holders.

 Thanks for taking actions within your power to help our state legislators see the beacon and act immediately. I don’t think the time-frame to join the lawsuit will wait until next year’s legislative session; therefore, the reason for the special session.

Gladstone Nicholson