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The library
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To the editor: As a long time resident of Newton County, we remember fondly the construction of the new library. We enjoyed an excellent library that provided a valuable resource to residents. Then came the short-sighted decision to build an annex. We had the construction money, but no one considered the operating costs. Now we have two libraries with no funding to fully staff the facilities or to buy books.

In the Dec. 18 edition of your paper, there were two stories that indicate the City of Covington is considering yet another short-sighted decision. In one story we read that the city is considering  the purchase and operation of the bankrupt Indian Creek Golf Course. In the other, we read that the city is building a terminal facility at the Covington airport. Both endeavors would require hiring and maintaining personnel to operate and maintain the facilities. How would this be possible if the city can't even operate the existing libraries?

In our opinion the city should never pursue building of capital projects without determining whether it has the revenues to fully staff and operate the facility.


Lynda and Jim Patrick