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So very proud
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Dear Editor: I wanted to take this opportunity to speak about the District 4 Community Center at Nelson Heights. This has been a dream of mine and many others for the past several years, and I can’t express how glad and appreciative I feel that it is finally coming together.

On Tuesday, Sept. 15, I made a motion, which was unanimously approved, for the Recreation Commission to look at their master plan and see if they could take this center under their umbrella of parks. I think this will happen, and we will begin to see activities, with children playing, learning and interacting with themselves and adults very, very soon. We are particularly excited about the computer labs and the tutoring program that will be there. We believe that education is the key to a young person’s future and want to do anything we can to help them enjoy this success.

One of my responsibilities is to make an appointment to the Recreation Commission Board. Flemmie Pitts is my appointment to this board, and he has served our community well, not only with the Recreation Commission, but with Washington Street Center as well. When Washington Street needed financial support, I worked with Flemmie, Forrest Sawyer and others to place this on the ballot for funding, and I am so grateful that the people of Newton County approved this at the ballot box. Washington Street has been a tremendous success, and we applaud all their efforts to help others. Flemmie Pitts has served with distinction and integrity for many years, and I know he will continue to work just as hard supporting our Nelson Heights Center.

Speaking of Washington Street, I received a letter in 2006 from Chairman Melvin Baker regarding Washington Street’s involvement with the proposed center. I, again, want to apologize if there was any misunderstanding. Our meetings regarding the proposed center were posted and e-mailed to recipients as well for anyone who would like to attend.

In closing, my only desire has been since I was first elected in 1998, and I still feel this way, is to serve the people of the fourth district and Newton County. I never take my vote lightly and have always tried to look for what is best for the people. I walk the streets of my district, I listen to the people and I always try to make myself available. Should anyone need to contact me about any concern you might have, please call me at (770) 866.3621 and I will listen to you and take strong consideration in what you have to say.

Again, thank you for helping to make this great county a wonderful place to work, live and raise our families. With God’s help we can make great things happen!