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Dear Editor: I was disturbed to find out that many citizens of Newton County received anonymous calls from a recorded anonymous concerned citizen criticizing Commission Chair Morgan and Commissioners Schulz, Henderson and Simmons while commending Commissioners Ewing and Flemming. The call spoke of ridiculous tax increases to pay for useless, wasteful, selfish special interest projects on the part of Commission Chair Morgan and Commissioners Schultz, Henderson and Simmons. Despite whether you agree with views of the robo-caller or not, everyone should agree that there is one word to best describe the robo-call, gutless.

If those behind the call felt so strongly about the proposed tax increases and spending, then they should have put their name(s) behind the statements. The caller was, to borrow the phrase, a low down, yellow bellied, lilly-livered coward. I hope the people of Newton County ignore inflammatory robo-calls from John Q. Chicken and educate themselves on the important issues facing our community.

Our Commissioners sit on a raised stage, under bright lights, behind plates bearing their names and make tough decisions about using falling tax revenues to meet the needs of financially strapped families. I sincerely appreciate all their hard work and best efforts.

Their differing views and rigorous debate will hopefully flush out the right path for Newton County. All the commissioners should speak with one voice and denounce the robo-call and those who made it.

How can we ask for accountability from our politicians when we are not accountable for our own words? Many columns in the Covington News opinion page have spoken of what kind of place Newton County used to be and the need to return to those values. I think this used to be a town where a man stood behind his word and spoke plainly. It should be again.