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Remember to love
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Dear Editor: My heart goes out to both the deputies and the Powell family involved in the tragic shooting that occurred Monday August 3. A situation like this is never easy for any parent and my heart goes out to this family. As a parent of two 20 year olds, I can only imagine what they might be going through and my prayers are with them, as I hope many others are. This unfortunate incident should remind us that our kids face a very different world than we did at their age and that life is precious and short and we should live every day as if it's our last. As a parent, we sometimes feel we don't do enough but the most important and powerful thing we can do as parents is to pray for our children and tell them every day that we love them and guide them spiritually.

Let's not let this young man's final moments dictate how we remember him because I am sure his family and friends remember a very different young man who brought them a lot of love in a short lived life. Today's world is tough on everyone, especially our youth, and they need our prayers, support and love on a daily basis, now more than ever.