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Not a podunk area
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Dear Editor: I am writing concerning the proposed drag strip which if built at the juncture of I-20 and Highway 278 would be less than three miles from my home on Cannon Drive in Social Circle.

Let me first state that I am not against racing. My husband and I have been race fans for years and have gone to numerous events. You can find us home in front of the TV watching NASCAR on most Sunday afternoons. Despite this, I am opposed to the motor sports complex as proposed by Mr. Donnie Clack and Little River Ventures, LLC.

Mr. Clack has stated that he wants to work with Social Circle. He was quoted in the Walton Tribune as saying, "We want to do a quality project everyone can be proud of and live with." However, he was also quoted in the Walton Tribune referring to our beautiful little town as "a podunk area." At last night’s Planning and Zoning work session he made a disparaging remark about the observers wearing "little ghost buster stickers" which actually said, "No DragStrip" within the traditional circle-back slash symbol.

Obviously Mr. Clack does not respect the town or citizens of Social Circle if he can make comments such as these. Take your business plan to some other "podunk town," Mr. Clack; maybe the people there won’t oppose you. As for me and the other members of Concerned Citizens of Social Circle, we will fight you until the bitter end.

Lora W Alligood

Social Circle