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No to scare tactics
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Dear Sirs: (The June 1) editorial about the scare tactics being used by our local officials in all walks of government is spot on in its assessment. We, the public, have absolutely no way of knowing what is true and what is a statement stretching the truth and what is absolute misstatements of the facts. This makes it virtually impossible to find any real truths coming from our so-called leaders.

We were told by the commissioners spokesmen that we needed to pass a SPLOST to avoid a tax increase and the scare tactics worked, as the people voted in favor of a measure that was inflated with (unneeded) projects. Since that time, we have had a tax increase in the form of a 2-cent county fuel tax, and now we are being asked to support a property tax increase.

We do not need employees working for us who receive more paid holidays, vacations, sick leave and paid benefits than what most tax payers receive.

We also have some departments that are over-staffed and should be cut back.

It seems commissioners are just trying to find a way to spend more of our money for things that our government is not constitutionally required to do.

If they want more play grounds, build them on the property already owned by us the people. We own hundreds of acres of public land that could be used for that without any further land purchases.

If the courts and sheriff's department needs bigger budgets, add more fees to the courts for those who use them or cause them to be used.

Add more fees to those spending time in jail who are found guilty.

Use the inmates for more public works projects such as road clean up and maybe even helping to build and construct the above-mentioned play grounds and parks.

We elected people who should be thinking outside the box as they would have to do if they were the private business people they claim to be.

I have only scratched the surface of what can be done and I am sure there are many people out there who can very easily add to my list.

Ed Applewhite, Covington