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No taxation without representation
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Dear Editor: I was very interested in the information contained in the March 3rd article "City residents question electric rates, system." Now I understand from the mayor's own statement that our higher than normal electric rates are being used to subsidize lower city property taxes. There is a very basic problem with that process. A large percentage of Covington Electric customers do not live in the city limits of Covington. I live about 5 miles north of the Covington city limits in the county. This means I'm being taxed without representation. If I remember my history correctly, that was one of the driving forces of the Revolutionary War.

I for one would like to hear the Covington City Council and mayor justify robbing the citizens of Newton County just so the city property owners can enjoy lower tax rates on the backs of Newton County citizens.

I think it's time for Covington to get out of the power business and let a company that can provide reasonable power rates and treat their customers equally take over.