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McCain signs stolen too
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Dear Editor: Two weeks ago on my street, Wood Street in Covington, my neighbor and I had our McCain yard signs stolen. My neighbor purchased a new one and I replaced mine in defiance against the trespassers/thieves of a 4x4 sign.
 That night his was stolen and mine was vandalized (since it was chained to a tree). Of course my Kathy Morgan sign went untouched. My mother-in-law had her McCain yard sign stolen on David Circle. The large 4x4 McCain sign posted on the Cook's property (Ga. highways 142 and 11) was stolen and has since been replaced. The McCain campaign posted six 4x4 signs with permission on private property one weekend about a month ago; by that Monday two were stolen, and one was vandalized.
 After that weekend's incident, I notified the News asking them to run another article regarding how, in addition to breaking the law (trespassing, theft by taking, and vandalizing), that it was just immature for people to do this sort of thing.
 Needless to say, I'm disappointed that the first mention in the paper is that an Obama sign was taken when the shoe has been on the other foot many more times and for much longer. I'd argue they're upset about wearing a new Nike, compared to the fungal Chuck Taylor's we've been dealing with.