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Making the front page
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Dear Editor: Concerning your front page story "BOC will not help fund July fireworks, the people of Newton County don't have to worry about missing out on Fourth of July fireworks. For many years, our neighborhood puts on a better firework's display than the county pays for on the square.

There are three businesses operating in my neighborhood. There are no signs to let you know they are businesses (the first two houses) and then you go another couple of thousand feet up the road and there is the other business.

These neighbors try to outdo each other, so we have plenty of fireworks that go way up in the sky for about an hour. Just drive past the two schools on Brown Bridge Road going west, after you get to the bottom of the long hill, look off to the left. Don't cross the creek bridge, and you will see a road where the businesses (houses) are and you will see the fireworks. It must be legal for they have been going on for over 10 years.

Next, if you keep printing as many letters as there were in this day's paper, your circulation will increase. People buy your paper to see what their fellow county citizens have to say. (That other doesn't do that.) When I moved to this county over 20 years ago, you would find letters to the editor in every paper.

The two I liked were the one from our well-known and well-respected citizen Charles Strickland and the one by Timothy Jackson about our two law makers voting to give Georgia Power a rate increase.

Finally, if the naked woman had been about a naked man, would it have make the front page?

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