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Letter to the editor...Sounds good to me
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Dear Editor: "Sounds in town declare the interconnectedness of all life and the living." Indeed. That is the very reason we moved into town. Barbara Morgan [in her 4/16 column] beautifully describes the reason that city living is just as delightful and interesting as country living. They both have their advantages, and both can be enjoyable beyond compare. But, we made the choice to live downtown because we wanted to be a part of the life that is Covington. We wanted to be close to the square where we regularly experience decidedly irregular things like concerts, parades, festivals and even movie production. We wanted to be close to the square so that we could walk or bike to the shops - or just around the square - and enjoy its history and beauty. We love the "sounds of town" precisely because "daily they remind (us) of community and all that is shared in this time and place." Many thanks to Barbara for articulating that for all of us.