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Letter to the editor: Tea Party in Newton
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Dear Editor: I have thought for some time of supporting a Tea Party gathering, but like most I had not moved forward on it. Then while riding home I heard the story of South Carolina and the unknown Democratic candidate whose first name put him at the beginning of the ballot. He is a veteran, he is unemployed, he lives with his father, he did not campaign, did not put out signs, did not make speeches, did not make appearances and he won over a well known incumbent and the A.P. found out after the election that he has an outstanding charge of pornographic material. This is a really weird situation for all concerned.
I see this as a complete failure of all locals in the area. The politicians should have checked him out if he was running on their ticket. The media set themselves up years ago as the watchdog for the public; they have a responsibility of doing background checks on people that will control our lives. The people abdicated their responsibility years ago; no one gets involved until it’s time to vote. The people always want someone else to do the heavy lifting so they don’t have to accept any responsibility for the bad decisions. Ninety percent of a job is in the preparation and the future is built on the present and unless you do your homework the future is going to be bleak and even dangerous.
Politicians have worked a system that keeps them in power. They can buy votes with promises that they do not have to pay for or participate in. For example, the Health Care Bill and name recognition keep the dumb masses voting for them. Churches were at one time a major focal point of information, but over they years the churches gave in to pressure from groups like the ACLU and threats of removing the tax exempt status so that they no longer even talk of elections unless you are the Reverend Wright type.
I ask you churches what is more important, your tax status or your country?
So, I decided to have a Tea Party at my house on Saturday, June 26 at 10 a.m. for a fact gathering session. I want to know more about the people that are asking for my and your vote so if you want more information please come by and participate. Bring your ideas, questions, knowledge of the people running and share it with us. No lies or innuendoes will be welcome.