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Letter to the editor... Respect my rights
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Dear Editor: During this election year, I have often been overwhelmed with a sense of pride and gratitude at being an American. I was born here - I didn't have to make the difficult choice of leaving country and kin and have to resettle in a new place. I have even had the good fortune of living in the same area for over 30 years.
 I drive around the Covington and Oxford areas and see the political signs on display in yards. I enjoy seeing who is supporting whom in local as well as national elections. Not wanting to be left out, I wanted my own sign in my yard. I ordered it late but thought I, too, can show my support, even for a few weeks.
 But my neighbors had other plans. My "Obama/Biden '08" sign did not last the morning. Within the time my husband left for work and I went to lunch with a friend, the sign was gone. All that was left was the metal frame.
 I respect that there are many McCain/Palin supporters in Newton County. I respect their right to display their support. But obviously, they do not respect my rights. I do, in fact, feel violated that someone came into my yard and took down my sign because they so hate the candidate I support.
 I saw a bumper sticker the other day - "Democrats see the glass as half full, Republicans see the glass as theirs." How true.
 The important thing is that we all vote; and may the best man (or woman) win.

Alicia W. Senn