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Letter to the editor... Rail supporter
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We need everyone’s help to make sure our Newton County Board of Commissioners knows we have many citizens in Newton County who support the development of a county-wide trail and greenway system. And, that we believe the County should investigate the potential purchase of the Norfolk Southern Railroad right-of-way from Porterdale to Mansfield and the possible development of a multi-use trail along that corridor.

We believe it only means the improvement of our community. There are many cycling and running enthusiast who often travel to other communities to enjoy their trails. This means money going outside our community. We’d love to encourage others to come to our home as it becomes known as a healthy, active and vibrant community.

With $1.1 million in federal funding already earmarked for this project, the county could require little to no additional money to fund the purchase. But, we understand that presently, the Board of Commissioners is balking at even considering the project. We can’t.

Please get involved and let our Board of Commissioners know we are behind this and then we’ll make it happen.

Todd Tuttle