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Letter to the Editor: Please help C.A.R.E.
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Dear Editor: C.A.R.E., a Community Assistance Relief Effort in Porterdale, was organized in December 2009 to assist families in the city who were about to have their utilities disconnected. To date, C.A.R.E. has helped a number of families with their bills as well as providing food, furniture and some appliances. In March 2010, C.A.R.E. joined with a local food bank and was able to distribute food to approximately 500 families.

The funding for this program comes from private donations and various fund raising efforts. One of the better benefits has been the C.A.R.E. Bar-B-Que. There are many opportunities to receive donations of furniture and appliances throughout the year provided they can be picked up immediately. This is the main purpose of this letter. We would like to ask anyone reading this letter who has a space available for storage or has a portable storage unit that could be donated to a 501(c)3 organization and moved to city property, to consider this organization. This would be a tax-deductible gift and would allow C.A.R.E. to help many more families who are in need.

We would like to thank all of those who have contributed to us and supported our efforts.

If you can help us further, please contact Linda Finger at (678) 859-2496 or Sally Ann Jarrett at (770) 385-8961.

Linda Finger
Sally Ann Jarrett
C.A.R.E. Committee